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(créé vendredi 27 décembre 2002. En grasses, les pages du pays concerné; en italiques, mes pages)

COURRIER INTERNATIONAL/ Kiosque en ligne/ Moyen-Orient (lu 17/3/03)

FOREIGN AFFAIRS/ Middle East (me 12/3/03)

Middle East Insight (sa 8/2/03)

Mideast Land of Conflict/ CNN Special Report (ve 2/5/03)

MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE, cahier spécial "Proche-Orient", 2000 (me 5/2/2003)

MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE, cahier spécial "Golfe", 2003 (me 5/2/03)

MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE/ Monde arabe (sa 1/3/03)

News Is Free/ Middle East (anglais, français, allemand; lu 17/3/03) (sa 29/3/03)

"Le grand écart des régimes arabes", in: L'EXPRESS (me 16/4/03)

"U.S. Shifts Its Mideast Focus to Press for Easing of Tension", in: May 10 NYTimes (ma 13/5/03)


CIA World Factbook/ Turkey (sa 22/3/03)

Library of Congress/ TURKEY, a Country Study (sa 22/3/03)

TURKEY/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (sa 22/3/03)

Turkish National Library (sa 22/3/03)

"Turks Press Rescue Efforts in Earthquake Aftermath", in: May 3 NYTimes (di 4/5/2003)

"Turkish Officials Begin Finger-Pointing in the Aftermath of Quake", in: NYTimes (di 4/5/03)

(La Turquie, les Kurdes et l'Iraq)

Turkey's Iraq Policy (sa 22/3/03)

"Turkey Opens Airspace for U.S. Warplanes", in: NYTimes (ve 21/3/2003)

"Turkey's Iraq dilemma", in: BBC NEWS (ve 21/3/03)

"Irak: l'espace aérien turc toujours fermé aux avions américains", in: 21/3 Le MONDE (sa 22/3/03)

"Turkish troops enter Iraq", in: BBC NEWS (sa 22/3/03)

"Turkish troops cross Iraqi border", in: (sa 22/3/03)

"Les Kurdes irakiens démentent l'arrivée de soldats turcs", in: LIBERATION (sa 22/3/03)

"Turkey Sends Troops Into Iraq, Report Says (sa 22/3/03)

TURKISH DAILY NEWS ONLINE/ Foreign News (22/3/03)

"Ankara encombrée par la question du Kurdistan", in: LIBERATION (di 23/3/03)


COURRIER INTERNATIONAL: Israël-Palestine, faut-il enterrer la paix ? (me 12/3/2003)

MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE, cahier spécial "Israël: faute d'alternative", du 7 février (sa 8/2/03)

Israel Museum, Jerusalem (di 25/5/03)

Yad Vashem, Holocaust Remembrance Authority (di 25/5/03)


C.I.A. World Factbook 2002 - Israel

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Knesset

Avoda, site du parti travailliste, en hébreu (sa 8/2/03)

Site du Likoud, en hébreu (sa 8/2/03)

Israeli Internet Guide (ma 6/5/03)

Israel Defense Forces (disponible en Français)

B'Tselem - Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (lu 30/12/2002)

Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (lu 30/12/02)

BBC/ Israel & the Palestinians (di 13/4/03)


Jerusalem Post

Presse Arabe en Israël (sa 8/2/03)

Faits marquants de la seconde intifada (lu 17/3/03)

"C'est Israël qui a introduit l'arme nucléaire au Moyen-Orient", in: COURRIER INTERNATIONAL (lu 17/3/03)

LE MONDE du 4/2/2003: "Des intellectuels français scandalisés par les conditions de vie des Palestiniens" (je 6/2/03)

NEW YORK TIMES : "Sharon Faces Belgian Trial After Term Ends" (je 13/2/03)

"Armed With Weapons and a Will, Palestinian Factions Plot Revenge", in: NYTimes (ve 21/2/03)

Ma page "Guerres israélo-arabes, 1948" (di 16/2/03)

Ma page "Guerres israélo-arabes, 1956" (di 16/2/03)

Ma page "Guerres israélo-arabes, 1967" (di 16/2/03)

Ma page "Guerres israélo-arabes, 1973 "Kippour" (di 16/2/03)

Ma page "Israël et ses voisins, 1982-2003" (lu 17/2/2003)

Ma page "Critique historique 1: CNN, Tsahal et le Palestinien, info ou intox ?" (ma 18/2/03)

"Israeli Raid Snares a Foe, but Leaves Family Motherless", in: NYTimes (ma 4/3/03)

"Suicide Bombing on Bus in Israel Leaves 15 Dead", in: NYTimes (ve 7/3/03)

"New Israeli operation under way", in: (ve 7/3/03)

"Army Kills Two Israelis by Mistake in West Bank", in: NYTimes (je 13/3/03)

"Bush Promises to Adopt Plan for the Mideast", in: NYTimes (sa 15/3/03)

"Israeli Army Bulldozer Kills American in Gaza", in: NYTimes (lu 17/3/03)

"A Letter Regarding the War and Israel", in: POLYCONOMICS (sa 29/3/03)

"Violences antisémites", MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE (sa 5/4/03)

"Sharon hints at 'settlement' deal", in: BBC (di 13/4/03)

"PM to Haaretz: Eventually there will be a Palestinian state", in: HAARETZ (di 13/4/03)

"Ariel Sharon affirme être prêt à faire des concessions sur les colonies", in: Le MONDE (di 13/4/03)

"White House Is Pressing Israelis to Take Initiatives in Peace Talks", in: NYTimes (ve 18/4/03)

"Blair calls Arafat to end Abbas stalemate", in: TIMES (me 23/4/03)

"Israeli and Palestinians Prepare for Peace Initiative", in: Apr. 28 NYTimes (me 30/4/03)

"Mideast leaders getting peace plan details", in: CNN (je 1/5/03)

"Suicide Bomber Hits Tel Aviv; Top Palestinian Denounces Terror", in: NYTimes (je 1/5/03)

"Tel Aviv bomb signals war on new peace map", in: TIMES (ve 2/5/03)

"Bush's Goal: Balancing a Host of Opposing Forces", in: NYTimes (je 1/5/03)

"British suicide bomber strikes Israel", in: TIMES (je 1/5/03)

"Rebuking His Critics, Head of Israeli Labor Party Steps Down", in May 5 NYTimes (ve 9/5/03)

"Israeli Helicopters Attack and Kill a Hamas Leader in Gaza", in: NYTimes (sa 10/5/03)

"West Bank violence mars Powell mediation trip", in: TIMES (ma 13/5/03)

"Powell Consults With 2 Premiers on Mideast Peace", in: May 12 NYTimes (me 14/5/03)

"Powell fails to secure concessions from Israel", in: May 14 TIMES (sa 17/5/03)

"On Nighttime Tank Charge Into Gaza Powder Keg", in: NYTimes (sa 17/5/03)

"West Bank Bombing Kills Jewish Settler", in: May 17 NYTimes (lu 19/5/03)

"After Peace Talks, Suicide Bomber Strikes in Jerusalem", in: NYTimes (lu 19/5/03)

"Sharon delays US peace talks", in: TIMES (lu 19/5/03)

"Middle East Peace Plan Stalls After 4 Palestinians Attacks", in May 19 NYTimes (je 22/5/03)

"3 Israelis Killed and 50 Wounded in Blast at Mall", in: May 20 NYTimes (je 22/5/03)

"Bush Insists Peace Plan Will Move Forward, Despite Bombings", in May 20 NYTimes (je 22/5/03)

"Attacks fail to deflect Bush from peace road", in: May 20 TIMES (je 22/5/03)

"Bush Weighs Mideast Trip as Peace Plan Ebbs", in: NYTimes (je 22/5/03)

"White House acknowledges Israel's peace concerns" in: May 23 CNN (di 25/5/03)

"U.S. Says Sharon Is Set to Endorse Bush's Peace Plan", in: May 23 NYTimes (lu 26/5/03)

(il s'agit, évidemment, du plan international, concocté conjointement par l'Europe, les Etats-Unis, la Russie et les Nations Unies; je doute que ce lundi 26 mai "W" Bush Jr soit capable de retrouver cette région du Monde sur une carte muette - pour autant qu'il la tienne à l'endroit...)

"Israeli Cabinet OKs road map", in: CNN (lu 26/5/03)

"Israel Approves Bush's Road Map to New Palestine", in: NYTimes (ma 27/5/03)

"Bush plans early peace summit after Israeli backs 'road map' ", in: TIMES (ma 27/5/03)

"Sharon Defends Peace Plan Against Critics in Likud", in: NYTimes (ma 27/5/03)

Crise du Golfe (di 2/2/03)

HISTORICAL TEXT ARCHIVE/ Persian Gulf War (sa 15/3/03)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Stop the War Coalition

Znet - Iraq Watch

septembre 2002, "A Decade of Defiance..."

décembre 2002, "Question irakienne"

décembre 2002, "War with Iraq..."

"Back to the Bazaar", in: FOREIGN AFFAIRS (me 2/4/03)

CRISE IRAKIENNE (me 5/2/2003)

Ma page "Bush, Jr contre l'Iraq", bibliographie et liens

LIBERATION/ Conflit avec l'Irak (ve 14/3/03)

10 Downing Street, Recent speeches and statements by the Prime Minister on Iraq (ma 11/3/03)

President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat, 7 octobre 2002 (sa 22/2/2003)

"UNSCOM Tracks Terror Weapons", in WASHINGTON POST 1998 (sa 15/2/03)

Joint Resolution (2002.10.2) to Authorize the Use of U.S. Armed Forces Against Iraq, from: WHITE HOUSE Site (di 16/2/03)

Résolution 1441, 8 nov. 2002 (je 13/2/03)

Security Council/ Resolution 1441/ English version (je 13/2/03)

L'administration Bush détourne les infos des Services secrets. L'article du NEW YORK TIMES (me 5/2/2003)

UK report rejects Iraqi al-Qaeda link. BBC NEWS (me 5/2/2003)

POWELL prepares multimedia speech. CNN.COM/U.S. (me 5/2/03)

Full text of Powell speech; 33 pages on BBC NEWS (je 6/2/2003)

Discours de Colin POWELL devant l'O.N.U., du MONDE.FR (je 6/2/03)

Analyse de l'intervention de Colin POWELL au Conseil de Sécurité du 5/2/2003. Sur CNN.COM/U.S. (je 6/2/03)

Analyse 2, dans le NEW YORK TIMES (je 6/2/03)

Analyse 3, dans LIBERATION (je 6/2/03)

Analyse 4, RTBF (je 6/2/03)

Analyse 5, de TIME.COM (ve 7/2/03)

"US warns Iraq: the game is over" in: TIMES Online (ve 7/2/03)

"U.S. Ready to Back New U.N. Measure on Iraq, says Bush". in: NEW YORK TIMES (ve 7/2/03)

Britain, Unscom and Iraq (sa 8/2/03)

"Rumsfeld Rebukes U.N. and NATO on Approach to Baghdad" - ses accusations contre la Belgique, la France et l'Allemagne; in: NEW YORK TIMES (di 9/2/03)

"NATO grapples with Iraq rift", in: CNN.COM (ma 11/2/03)

"Fallout From Iraq Rift: NATO May Feel a Strain", in: NEW YORK TIMES (ma 11/2/03)

"Alliance will survive this reckless determination and hypocrisy", in: TIMES ONLINE (ma 11/2/03)

"Un front antiguerre se constitue contre les Etats-Unis", in: LE MONDE (ma 11/2/03)

"Top U.S. Officials Tell Lawmakers of Iraq-Qaeda Ties", in: NEW YORK TIMES (me 12/2/03)

"Panel: Iraq Broke Limite on Missiles", in: WASHINGTON POST Dossier (je 13/2/03)

"Special Operations Units Already in Iraq", in: WASHINGTON POST Dossier (je 13/2/03)

"U.S. Will Ask U.N. to State Hussein Has Not Disarmed", in: N.Y.Times (sa 15/2/03)

"BLIX delivers crucial inspection report", in: GUARDIAN (sa 15/2/03)

"Les Nations unies refusent aux Etats-Unis un blanc-seing pour la guerre", in: LE MONDE (sa 15/2/03)

"L'ONU repousse la guerre dans le temps", in: LIBERATION (sa 15/2/03)

"If, and When: War's Timing", in: N.Y.Times (sa 15/2/03)

"Shifting Sands at the U.N.", in: WASHINGTON POST BLIX's Report (sa 15/2/03)

"From New York to Melbourne, Protest Against War on Iraq", in: NYTimes (di 16/2/03)

"NATO Settles Rift Over Aid to Turks in Case of a War", in: NYTimes (lu 17/2/03)

"Les Quinze ont approuvé un texte commun sur l'Irak", in: LE MONDE (ma 18/2/03)

"Les Quinze recollent les morceaux sur l'Irak", in: LIBERATION (ma 18/2/03)

A propos de l'antiaméricanisme croissant; in: NYTimes (je 20/2/03)

"U.S. Is Pessimistic Turks Will Accept Aid Deal on Iraq", in: NYTimes (je 20/2/03)

Clip vidéo "Time to Bomb Saddam" (ve 21/2/03)

"U.S. Seeks 9 Votes From U.N. Council to Confront Iraq", in: NYTimes (ve 21/2/03)

MoveOn : Democracy in Action (ve 21/2/03)

Win without War (ve 21/2/03)

Americans Against Bombing (sa 22/2/03)

Ce qu'on dit de l'Iraq: vrai ou faux ? in: Polyconomics, in english (sa 22/2/03)

"Inspector Orders Iraq to Dismantle Disputed Missiles", in: NYTimes (sa 22/2/03)

"Détruire ses missiles, crève-coeur de Bagdad", in: LIBERATION (lu 24/2/03)

"Iraq Seeks Talks to Save Its Stock od Barred Missiles", in: NYTimes (ma 25/2/03)

"A Gamble for un Friend", in: NYTimes (ma 25/2/03)

Ignacio RAMONET : "De la guerre perpétuelle", in: MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE de mars 2003 (je 27/2/03)

Irak: coulisses d'une guerre programmée, in: STRATEGIC-ROAD (je 27/2/03)

"Bush Says Ousting Hussein Could Aid Peace in Mideast", in: NYTimes (je 27/2/03)

"Pentagon Contradicts General on Iraq Occupation Force's Size", in: NYTimes (sa 1/3/03)

"U.S. Says Hussein Must Cede Power to Head Off War", in: NYTimes (di 2/3/03)

"Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war", in: OBSERVER (di 2/3/03)

"Turkish Deputies Refuse to Accept American Troops", in: NYTimes (lu 3/3/03)

"U.S. Aides Dismiss Moves by Baghdad but Feel Pressure", in: NYTimes (ma 4/3/03)

"UN leaders draw up secret blueprint for postwar Iraq", in: TIMES (me 5/3/03)

"Washington renforce son dispositif militaire dans le Golfe", in: Le MONDE (me 5/3/03)

"Irak: embûches sur le sentier de la guerre", in: LIBERATION (me 5/3/03)

Le MONDE, page "International" du 6 mars (je 6/3/03)

"Britain devices way out of UN vote deadlock", in: TIMES (je 6/3/03)

"A Fissure Deepening for Allies Over Use of Force Against Iraq", in: NYTimes (ve 7/3/03)

Dossier "Objectif Bagdad", in: COURRIER INTERNATIONAL (ve 7/3/03)

"Hussein, in Rallying His Military, Also Shows Iraqis a Defiant Face", in: NYTimes (ma 11/3)

"Pourquoi Bush veut aller jusqu'au bout", in: L'EXPRESS (me 12/3/03)

"Beyond Iraq, U.N. Is Issue", in: NYTimes (me 12/3/03)

"Iraq Issues U.N. Demands and Destroys More Missils", in: NYTimes (me 12/3/03)

"Urgent Diplomacy Fails to Gain U.S. 9 Votes in the U.N.", in: NYTimes (me 12/3/03)

"Democratic Hopefuls Find Antiwar Minefield in Iowa", in: NYTimes (me 12/3/03)

"British Dissent Over an Iraq War Imperils Blair's Political Future", in: NYTimes (me 12/3/03)

"Pour les nantis de Bagdad, l'aubaine de la guerre", in: LIBERATION (je 13/3/03)

"Irak: le calendrier diplomatique s'accélère", in: Le MONDE (je 13/3/03)

"US hawks press Bush to go to war, UN or not", in: TIMES (je 13/3/03)

Confronting Iraq, in: WASHINGTON POST (je 13/3/03)

STRATEGIC-ROAD/ Guerre en Iraq (je 13/3/03)

"U.K. says war coming closer", in: BBC NEWS (ve 14/3/03)

"War with Iraq could be illegal", in: BBC NEWS (ve 14/3/03)

"Bringing the Atlantic Divide", in: FOREIGN AFFAIRS (ve 14/3/03)

"U.S. May Abandon U.N. Vote on Iraq, Powell Testifies", in: NYTimes (sa 15/3/03)

"Bush and Allies Will Meet to Seek Ways to Sway U.N.", in: NYTimes (sa 15/3/03)

"U.S. Plan Sees G.I.'s Invading Iraq as More Arrive", in: NYTimes (di 16/3/03)

"Leaders Declare That Diplomatic Effort at U.N. Ends Today", in: NYTimes (lu 17/3/03)

"Iraq's Air Defense Is Focused Around Baghdad", in: NYTimes (le 17/3/03)

"Au centre des préoccupations du pouvoir, la guerre contre l'Irak et ses répercussions", in: REVUE DU LIBAN (lu 17/3/03)

"Blair plans for war as UN is given 24 hours", in: OBSERVER (ma 18/3/03)

"Washington ferme la fenêtre diplomatique", in: LIBERATION (ma 18/3/03)

"Washington, Londres et Madrid ont retiré leur projet de deuxième résolution", in: Le MONDE (ma 18/3/03)

"Moment of truth for the world", in: TIMES (ma 18/3/03)

Réactions à la conférence de presse de "W Jr. BUSH", la nuit dernière (ve 7/3/2003)

BBC: "US insists on Iraq vote" "Bush: Iraq is playing willful charade"

GUARDIAN: "No case for Iraq attack say lawyers"

LIBERATION: "Irak: guerre de tranchées à l'ONU"

Le MONDE: "Bush: Pas besoin de l'accord de l'ONU"

NY TIMES: "President Readies U.S. for Prospect of Imminent War" (ma 11/3/03)

TIMES: "Bush prepares world for war in a week"

WASHINGTON POST: "Bush Is Ready to Go Without U.N."

IRAK/IRAQ (di 12/1/2003)

Ma page "Iraq 1, généralités" (ve 14/2/03)

Ma page "Iraq 2, Bagdad" (sa 15/2/03)

Ma page "Iraq 3, pétrole" (sa 15/2/03)

Ma page "Iraq 4, armements prohibés" (sa 15/2/03)

COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS/ Iraq Resource Center (je 13/3/03)

Iraq Foundation

IraqNet Information Network

Mission of Iraq to the United Nations

CIA World Fact Book 2002 - Iraq

BBC NEWS/ Country Profile, Iraq (ve 14/3/03)

Library of Congress/ Country Studies, IRAQ

Iraq and U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441, nov. 2002 (sa 1/2/03)

Amitiés franco-irakiennes

CNN 1998, Strike on Iraq (sa 15/2/2003)

Education for Peace in Iraq

Global Movement to End the War against Iraq

Iraq Action Coalition

Iraq Crisis Antiwar Homepage

Iraq Crisis - UN Security Council

Iraq Sanctions

Office of the Iraq Programme Oil for Food

FOREIGN AFFAIRS/ Confronting Iraq (ma 2/4/03)

MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE/ Iraq (ve 28/2/03)

NEW YORK TIMES/ Iraq (je 13/2/03)

P.T.B., dossier Irak

STOP United States of Agression. be

Strategic-Road, Irak acte II

StrategyPage, War with Iraq (sa 15/2/03)

WASHINGTON POST/ Debate about Iraq (je 13/2/03)

"Iraq Said to Plan Strategy of Delay and Urban Battle", in: NYTimes (di 16/2/03)

Iraqi National Congress - à Londres (me 5/3/03)

"U.S. Names Iraqis Who Would Face War Crimes Trial", in: NYTimes (di 16/3/03)

"U.S. Overseer Set to Remake Iraq", in: NYTimes (me 16/4/03)

"Pledge Made to Democracy by Exiles, Sheiks and Clerics", in: NYTimes (me 16/4/03)

"Victory - now to win the peace", in: TIMES (me 16/4/03)

"A lifeline for Iraq's children", in: TIMES (me 16/4/03)

"Sunnis and Shiites Unite to Protest U.S. and Hussein", in: NYTimes (sa 19/4/03)

"From Power Grid to Schools, Rebuilding a Broken Nation", in: NYTimes (ma 22/4/03)

"Pentagon Expects Long-Term Access to Four Key Bases in Iraq", in: NYTimes (ma 22/4/03)

"US plans Iraq bases to keep region in its grip", in: TIMES (ma 22/4/03)

"As Baghdad Awaits Aid, Feeling Grows Against U.S.", in: NYTimes (me 23/4/03)

"Iran Is Said to Send Agents Into Southern Iraq", in: NYTimes (me 23/4/03)

NYTimes/ After the War (me 23/4/03)

"U.S. Warns Iraqis Against Claiming Authority in Void", in: NYTimes (je 24/4/03)

"U.S. Tells Iran Not to Interfere in Iraq Efforts", in: NYTimes (je 24/4/03)

"Saddam's top minister gives himself up", in: TIMES (ve 25/4/03)

"Iraqi Spokesman Gives Himself Up to U.S. Forces", in: NYTimes (sa 26/4/03)

"How to Build a Democratic Iraq", in: May/June FOREIGN AFFAIRS (sa 26/4/03)

"Cleric in Iran Says Shiites Must Act (in Iraq)", in: NYTimes (sa 26/4/03)

"Munitions explosion kills civilians", in: CNN (sa 26/4/03)

Americans Arrest Would-be Leader of Iraq's Capital", in: Apr. 28 NYTimes (me 30/4/03)

"U.S. troops leave school after deadly clash with Iraqis", in: CNN (me 30/4/03)

"American Forces Reach Cease-Fire With Terror Group", in: NYTimes (me 30/4/03)

"Iraqis Set to Meet to Pick Transitional Government", in: NYTimes (me 30/4/03)

"U.S. Force Said to Kill 15 Iraqis During an Anti-American Rally", in: NYTimes (ve 2/5/03)

"Mob fury as US soldiers shoot two protesters dead", in: TIMES (je 1/5/03)

"The Fog of Peace", in: NYTimes (sa 3/5/03)

"Cold Truths Behind Pomp", in: NYTimes (sa 3/5/03)

"U.S.-Backed Iraqi Exiles Returnto Reinvent Nation", in: NYTimes (di 4/5/03)

"Iraqi Women Wary of New Upheavals", in: May 5 NYTimes (ve 9/5/03)

"Iraq to Import Gas to Ease Shortage, With U.S. Paying", in: NYTimes (je 8/5/03)

"Iraqi Documents on Israel Surface on a Cultural Hunt", in: NYTimes (8/5/03)

"Pro-Iranian Iraqi Muslim Group Lobbies for Washington's Favor", in: NYTimes (je 8/5/03)

"Opposition Groups Work to Complete Assembly Plan", in: NYTimes (ve 9/5/03)

"U.S. Drafts a Resolution on the Lifting of Sanctions on Iraq", in: NYTimes (ve 9/5/03)

Iraq News, in: TIMES (ve 9/5/03)

"Cheney's old firm handed lucrative oilfield contract", in: TIMES (9/5/03)

"U.S. Will Ask U.N. to Back Control by Allies in Iraq", in: NYTimes (sa 10/5/03)

"Foreign forces must go, insists Shia ayatollah", in: TIMES (ma 13/5/03)

"Iraqi Leaders Voice Concerns on U.S. Shuffle", in: NYTimes (me 14/5/03)

"New Policy in Iraq to Authorize G.I.'s to Shoot Looters", in: May 14 NYTimes (sa 17/5/03)

"Babylon weeps as grave of 10,000 gives up secrets", in: May 14 TIMES (sa 17/5/03)

"Discovery of mass graves justifies war, says Blair", in: May 15 TIMES (sa 17/5/03)

"In Reversal, Plan for Iraq Self-Rule Has Been Put Off", in: NYTimes (sa 17/5/03)

"Colonel in war crimes inquiry had 'bust up' with US accuser", in: TIMES (ve 23/5/03)

" 'The British officer took out his pistol and hit me on the head. There was a lot of blood' ", in: TIMES (ve 23/5/03)

"Security Council lifts Iraq sanctions", in: May 22 CNN (lu 26/5/03)

"U.S. Wins Support to End Sanctions on Iraq", in: May 22 NYTimes (lu 26/5/03)

"U.N. Vote on Iraq Ends Sanctions and Grants U.S. Wide Authority", in: May 23 NYTimes (lu 26/5/03)

(j'aimerais savoir combien de contrats juteux en Iraq les Etats "pacifistes" - Allemagne, Chine, France et Russie - ont reçu en échange de leur allégeance aux E.U.)

"Inquiry into Saddam arms dossier claims", in: TIMES (je 29/5/03)


Autorité palestinienne, en anglais et en arabe (sa 8/2/03)

The Country of Palestine

Hamas (sa 8/2/03)

Hezbollah (sa 8/2/03)

Islamic Resistance Support Association (sa 8/2/03)

Palestina, the Keys to Conflicts

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (lu 30/12/2002)

Palestinian Development Plan (sa 8/2/03)

Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group (lu 30/12/02)

Palestinian Information Center (sa 8/2/03)

Palestinian Refugee Researchnet (sa 8/2/03)

UNISPAL (documentos en español)

Palestina (in het Nederlands)

"Failing to Dilute Premier Post, Arafat Accepts Its Creation", in: NYTimes (me 19/3/03)

"Des Palestiniens défaits et inquiets", in: LIBERATION (ma 15/4/03)

"Arafat rejects Cabinet that excludes his allies", in: TIMES (ma 15/4/03)

"Palestinian Security Ace: Muhammad Yusuf Dahlan", in: CNN (je 24/4/03)

"Yasser Arafat ne règne plus seul sur son peuple", in: LIBERATION (je 24/4/03)

"Un compromis permet à Mahmoud Abbas de constituer son gouvernement", in: Le MONDE (je 24/4/03)

"Arafat and Premier Break Deadlock Over Cabinet", in: NYTimes (je 24/4/03)

"Arafat climbdown brings new hope of Middle East peace", in: TIMES (je 24/4/03)

"A Trusteeship for Palestine ?", in: May/June 2003 FOREIGN AFFAIRS (sa 26/4/03)

"U.S. Presses Mideast and Europe to Reduce Ties to Arafat", in: NYTimes (sa 26/4/03)

"Palestinians confirm Abu Mazen as prime minister", in: CNN (me 30/4/03)

"Powell Asks Arabs to Help Rein in Palestinian Militants", in NYtimes (me 14/5/03)

ARABIE SAOUDITE (me 14/5/03) :

"U.S. to Withdraw All Combat Units From Saudi Arabia", in: April 30 NYTimes

"Saudi officials: 29 dead in blasts", in: May 13 CNN

"Powell, in Riyadh, Sees Signs of Al Qaeda in Series of Explosions", in: May 13 NYTimes

"Dozens wounded in Saudi bomb blasts", in: May 13 TIMES

"Al-Qaida opens a new offensive against the West", in May 14 TIMES

"U.S. Ambassador Says Saudis Didn't Heed Security Request", in: May 15 NYTimes (sa 17/5/03)

IRAN (lu 24/2/03)

"Inspectors in Iran Examine Machines to Enrich Uranium", in: NYTimes

"New U.S. Concerns on Iran's Puirsuit of Nuclear Armes", in: NYTimes (ve 9/5/03)

AFGHANISTAN (29/3/03) - Agence de Presse

"Two U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan", in: CNN (sa 29/3/03)

"Afghanistan Fighting Leaves at Least 13 Dead", in: WASHINGTON POST (di 30/3/03)

"U.S. Forces Fire Missiles at House Believed to Hide Afghan Rebels", in: May 11 NYTimes (ma 13/5/03)

"Karzai threatens to resign as financial crisis looms in Afghanistan", in: TIMES (ve 23/5/03)

LIBAN (di 26/1/2003)

Al Mashriq - the Levant

CIA - World Factbook 2002. Lebanon

Library of Congress, Country Studies LEBANON (ma 28/1/2003)

Lebanon Index - web libanais francophone

Lebanon Links (ma 28/1/03)


Banque du Liban

Lebanon Express (ma 28/1/03)

Lebanon Times (ma 28/1/03)

L'Orient/ Le Jour (ma 28/1/03)

Revue du Liban

Liban BD

SYRIE (lu 14/4/03)
prochaine cible du "pays de la Liberté" ?

"La Syrie sera-t-elle la prochaine cible ?", in: BREVE, 25 oct. 2001 (ma 15/4/03)

"Bush Demands 'Cooperation' From Syrians", in: NYTimes

"US tells Syria to co-operate or risk conflict", in: TIMES

"Bush vetoes Syria war plan", in: GUARDIAN (ma 15/4/03)

"La Syrie dans le collimateur", in: LIBERATION (ma 15/4/03)

"Bush More Hopeful on Syria", in: NYTimes (ma 22/4/03)

"Powell Says Syria Is Taking Action on Terror Groups", in: NYTimes (di 4/5/03)

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